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Dr. Roger Chan
Medical Center, University of Texas Southwestern, USA

Dr. Chan is interested in both basic and applied studies of the human larynx at many different levels. In particular, the focus is on vocal fold tissue mechanics and biorheology, and their relationships with voice acoustics and laryngeal physiology. Another area of emphasis is tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, where various types of extracellular matrix scaffolds are being developed as tissue replacements for surgical applications.

Prof.Lesheng Teng 
College of Life Sciences, Jilin University
  Dr. Lesheng Teng returned to China from Ohio State University in 2012, promoted to associate professor in 2013, and promoted to professor in 2015. He has been mainly engaged in research and development in the field of biological pharmacy. In recent 5 years, he has hosted 11 scientific research projects for which the total funds amounted to 7,054,800.00 yuan, including 1 Youth Project under Natural Science Foundation of China, 5 ministerial and provincial projects, and he has ever undertaken 4 scientific and technological transformative projects. As the first person responsible, he has published 61 papers indexed in Web of Science, and has been granted with 5 patents as the first inventor. The new species transferred from the wood frog antibacterial peptide preparation appeared in the market in October, 2013, for which the annual value of production reached 125,000,000.00 yuan.

Ahmad Rohi Ghazali (Professor)
Biomedical Science Programme
Department of Mechanical Engineering of Arkansas Tech University
Expertise and primary interests: Pharmacology and Toxicology
Teaching and learning activities include developing, coordinating and monitoring many courses related to pharmacology and toxicology. The courses are all now fully-blended and a MOOC has also being constructed. As the Coordinator of the Health Education Unit and University’s Citra Fellow, she is responsible to assist and educate faculty members in implementing best practices in teaching and learning too. Currently she has been carrying out research on cancer particularly on chemoprevention aspects of many local foods and natural products and their active compounds. Current community research activities also include promoting good health and occupational safety among farmers in Malaysia and students in Tahfiz schools.

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